Tooth Extractions

If your tooth is damaged beyond repair, a tooth extraction is required. During extraction, the tooth is removed from the mouth with the aid of an anesthetic. If your tooth is infected, Dr. Azalea will wait until you have received the benefits of medication before performing an extraction.

Why do I need to have it done?

Although Dr. Azalea will do whatever possible to save your tooth, sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary for optimal oral health. Possible reasons for extraction include:

  • Severe injury to the tooth
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Advanced gum disease, which can severely loosen your tooth
  • Infected or severely decayed teeth
  • Inadequate space for wisdom teeth

What will happen during the procedure?

A tooth extraction typically takes a few minutes. First, Dr. Azalea will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area of extraction. Then, she will gently open up the gum and disconnect the tooth from the bone. You will not feel any pain, only the pressure of the tooth being removed.

After the tooth is extracted, it is normal for bleeding to occur. Dr. Azalea will give you a gauze pad to place on the area of extraction and may prescribe painkillers. Bleeding should cease after 24 hours.

What should I do after the procedure?

  • Apply an ice pack on your cheek for the first day after the procedure. After 24 hours, you can use a warm washcloth on your cheek to soothe the area.
  • Do not engage in any vigorous physical activity.
  • Do not smoke during the duration of your recovery period.
  • Change the gauze pad as advised by Dr. Azalea.
  • Eat soft foods. Do not eat anything that is likely to get stuck in your teeth, such as caramel. Gradually progress to eating solid foods.
  • Do not touch the area of extraction during the recovery period. Gently brush around the area. If you are looking for root canals in Downers Grove, Darien, Romeoville or the surrounding areas, Lily Cache Dental is an affordable and quality root canal provider. Lily Cache Dental’s Bolingbrook and Downers Grove root canals are also offered to Romeoville, Naperville, Darien, and Lisle residents. At Lily Cache Dental, Dr. Suzy Azalea offers Bolingbrook root canals that repair damaged teeth.