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After a painful tooth extraction experience with my old dentist, my friend recommended Dr. Azalea to me. My previous experience left me terrified of dentists, but my friend told me that Dr. Azalea practices sedation dentistry. I went in for my first appointment at Lily Cache Dental, and the staff was super friendly to me. Although I asked a lot of questions due to my past tooth extraction, Dr. Azalea answered very patiently and in great detail. I wanted an implant placed where my tooth had been extracted, but I was nervous. Dr. Azalea assured me and said she’d put me on an IV so I wouldn’t have to worry. When I came back for implant surgery, the procedure went smoothly and I didn’t feel a thing! I’m going to go back soon to receive my permanent crown, and I have to say thank you to Dr. Azalea for being so understanding and doing such a great job with my implant.

– Louisa G.

I hadn’t been to the dentist in years because of the bad economy. Figured it was finally time, so I made an appointment with Dr. Azalea. The waiting room was nice and cozy and the lady at the front desk was very friendly. Dr. Azalea told me I needed 4 fillings, but the most I could afford at the time was 2. She worked out a payment plan with me. She said she wanted to make sure I got the treatment I needed now because otherwise the teeth would require root canals if I waited too long. I’m very grateful to have met a dentist who cares so much about me. My wife and kids go to her now, and I recommend her to any friend who’s looking for a dentist.

– Eduardo S.

I woke up one morning to my 8-year-old daughter crying in pain and rubbing her cheek. I called Dr. Azalea, and she scheduled an emergency appointment with her immediately. Despite my daughter’s crying, Dr. Azalea was good about talking to her without scaring her. It turns out she had an infected abscess, so Dr. Azalea prescribed medicine and said (in kid-friendly words) that she needed to come back for a root canal once the medicine had run its course. Naturally, my daughter was worried about getting a root canal, but Dr. Azalea assured her she would prescribe an oral sedative before the procedure. She had the root canal last week, and it was a success. My daughter didn’t feel anything, and thank goodness, her pain is over now after the horrible past couple of weeks. Thanks Dr. Azalea!


– Jennifer O. If you are looking for root canals in Downers Grove, Darien, Romeoville or the surrounding areas, Lily Cache Dental is an affordable and quality root canal provider. Lily Cache Dental’s Bolingbrook and Downers Grove root canals are also offered to Romeoville, Naperville, Darien, and Lisle residents. At Lily Cache Dental, Dr. Suzy Azalea offers Bolingbrook root canals that repair damaged teeth.